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Want to See if Magic is for you?

If you are interested in learning magic and wondering if it is for you, I would recommend learning all types of magic and figuring out which one you love the most and want to focus on. Card magic, coin magic, mentalism, pickpocketing, comedy, rope magic, etc. Some books I have heard that are strongly recommended are The Royal Road to Card Magic and Bobo’s Coin Magic. If you prefer video instruction, you might want to check out the video that got me started 10 years ago. The Greatest Beginner Magic DVD Ever. It covers all types of magic and this was my first lesson in the world of magic. For card magic, I strongly recommend Born to Perform Card Magic, which is great for someone starting out and teaches routines I still use to this day.

Yoosik Ethan Oum is a professional corporate magician in Vancouver BC, as well as a corporate mentalist. He provides entertainment for weddings, anniversaries, house parties, company events in the form of strolling close up magic and mentalism magic shows. Event planners and future clients, feel free to contact him at for a quote.


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