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What kind of services do you provide? 

I can do:

strolling close up entertainment - I roam around the venue doing close up magic amongst the guests. 

Close up/Parlour Shows - For smaller venues and audiences, I do a magic show that is generally 30 minutes but does go to 45 minutes. 

Corporate Shows - Shows for a larger audience and bigger venue that ranges from 30-45 minutes. 

Virtual Shows - Sometimes they're still in demand and I'm ready to go with a show of duration from 15 minutes to an hour. 

What kind of magic do you do? 

In shows, I generally focus on mentalism, the illusion of a sixth sense, and it involves plenty of audience interaction, so with me, it's never just a show. It's more of an interactive experience. 

When strolling, I perform close up magic and gets guests involved, making miracles happen with playing cards, coins, miscellaneous objects and mentalism. 

What kind of events can you work at?

I have performed for audiences of 4 people up to 400. I have worked at house parties, wedding receptions, company parties, corporate events, tradeshows, and big stages. 

Do you do children's birthday parties or events? 

My style is probably not the best fit for children/toddlers. But there are plenty of experienced professionals, who specialize in children's magic that I know of, that I could recommend. 

How much do you charge? 

1 hour of strolling close up magic - $500

2 hours of strolling close up magic - $800

Parlour Close up Show of at least 30 min. - $500

Corporate Show for companies/large audiences of at least 30 min. - $600

Virtual Show 30 min. - $200

Virtual Show 45 min. - $300

Virtual Show 1 hour - $400 

Note: For some  venues such as Abbotsford or Coquitlam, I charge a transportation fee, as well, of $50 or more depending on the location. 

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