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Make your event magical with mind blowing entertainment.

Strolling MagicYoosik Ethan Oum can perform close up entertainment throughout your venue. The Close up magic happens right in front of guests and sometimes right in their hands. A roving close up magician is the ticket for your corporate event / company party. 




Shows          A house party, a company party, a private room, Yoosik Ethan Oum has performed at all venues and provides not just a magic show but an interactive experience of mentalism or mind reading, comedy magic and audience participation that leaves them with many memorable moments. 


Looking to stand out from the competition? Yoosik Ethan Oum can customize his services to meet your specific needs, whether you need a show to attract crowds, magically promote your deals, or just add magic to your client's day. 

If you're looking for a corporate magician mentalist in Vancouver BC who is also willing to travel to your venue, please contact him anytime. 

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