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3 Most Common Questions For Magicians

Updated: 1 day ago

When I tell people I’m a magician, I get these questions a lot. I thought this would be good for a laugh.

  1. What instrument do you play? Well, I play piano as a hobby, but I said MAGICIAN, not MUSICIAN LOL

  2. Can you make my wife/brother/girlfriend/sister etc. disappear? Nope, I’m not that good. Sorry.

  3. How did you get started in magic? Now for this, I have an interesting answer.

If you see me live, remind me to tell you about an interesting story about a compulsive gambler “uncle Charlie”. The whole story behind that got me into magic. Or at least that’s the story I give that leads to a great routine. #vancouvermagician #mentalist #cardmagic #alakazammagic #heirloommagic

Thanks for stopping my. I am a professional magician in Vancouver BC. Corporate magician. Corporate mentalist. Accepting bookings to provide entertainment for weddings, anniversaries, house parties, company events in the form of strolling close up magic and/or parlour/close up/stage magic shows. Event planners and future clients, feel free to contact me for a quote.

A mentalism routine by a mentalist magician based in Vancouver BC
What card was he thinking of?

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