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How did I get started in Magic?

Updated: May 27

When you ask most magi how they first got started, their secret origin is usually something like seeing a magic show or getting their first magic kit on their birthday or at Christmas when they were 5 years old. In my case, I only started in magic about 10 years ago. And 10 years ago, I was a lot older than 5 years old!

Around the beginning of 2013, I was casually surfing the internet and came across a free promo from a top magic distributor. It was a free digital download called “The Greatest Beginner Magic DVD Ever” with a bunch of fun tricks taught by Oz Pearlman. I figured why not and started watching the whole thing, enjoying, and trying some of these tricks out and it was then that I slowly entered the world of magic.

I then explored the magic distributor’s website Penguin Magic, and found there was a huge community of magicians and I explored this site like a kid in candy store, searching through all these amazing routines I could actually be doing one day. I found out part of that magic community was huge in Vancouver and came across a local magic club. The members were very welcoming and encouraged to join as a member. This club was the Vancouver Magic Circle, Ring #92 of the International brotherhood of magicians. I didn’t know anyone there but got to be friends with them, and 10 years later, I’m now the President of that club. How did that happen? I have no idea. Just magic, I guess. The site is

Eventually I learned more and more routines, then I wanted to compete in competitions and eventually won 2, and then I wanted to make money doing it, and eventually I got my first gigs in 2018. One of my first gigs was strolling magic for 3 hours for a school fundraiser. I got paid $100 for that! Of course, my fee has gone waaaaaay up since then!

Ten years later, I’m still at it and have goals to do professional magic full time and to expand my audience to thousands and up through social media or television. I’m very interested to see where I’ll be in 10 more years.

Thanks for stopping my. I am a professional magician in Vancouver BC. Corporate magician. Corporate mentalist. Accepting bookings to provide entertainment for weddings, anniversaries, house parties, company events in the form of strolling close up magic and/or parlour/close up/stage magic shows. Event planners and future clients, feel free to contact me for a quote.

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